A Roadmap for Strategic Impact

cropped-grand-strategy-101.pngTHE NEW GRAND STRATEGY describes a business plan for America, born at the Pentagon, that embeds sustainability as a national strategic imperative.

The plan combines the best of the Left and Right — a progressive agenda with a conservative approach — the adult conversation about America’s future that should be taking place during this critical moment.

Designed to be led by business for profit and public good, harnessing industry and local government, THE NEW GRAND STRATEGY illustrates that we need not fix Washington before we start fixing the country.

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How We Got Here

This book begins in the Pentagon.

In July 2009, two United States military officers, a Marine colonel and a Navy captain, were sequestered in Room 2E928, on the second floor of the building’s E-ring, the outermost of five concentric corridors, where the highest-profile work is done. There, just a few months into President Barack Obama’s first term, Colonel Mark “Puck” Mykleby and Captain Wayne Porter were given an assignment by Admiral Mike Mullen: to create a grand strategy for America.
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From Chapter Eight:

Three billion people are pounding on the gates of the global economy. Climate change and ecosystem depletion are degrading Earth’s carrying capacity and disrupting human communities, with the high potential for much greater disruption to come. We’re only about halfway through the deleveraging behind America’s shaky recovery. Americans want a new lifestyle that the suburban economy cannot deliver. And global infrastructure, systems, and supply chains are fragile, prone to shock and disruption. As we ricochet from crisis to crisis, the international order is unwinding and Americans are getting increasingly concerned, impatient, and angry.

Against this backdrop, we believe America needs a new grand strategy in which our economy does the heavy lifting to lead the global transition to sustainability. Read More


Mark “Puck” Mykleby | Patrick Doherty | Joel Makower

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